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The SDM Show discusses all things Business, Marketing and WordPress. This show was formerly known as The SDM Business, Marketing and WordPress Show.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 165: Talking the Future of WordPress With Brian Gardner

    Rob Cairns sits down with Brian Gardner to talk about the future of WordPress.   Show Highlights: Brian Gardner's Background. Where WordPress is going in the future. The WordPress Community. The future of Gutenberg and blocks. ...


  2. Episode 164: Lessons Learn In My Podcast Journey

    Rob Cairns talks about lessons learned in his podcast journey.   Show Highlights: Why not to start with 2 podcasts Rob's Podcast tools for editing. Why Rob Changed from Anchor to Castos. ...


  3. Episode 163: Talking WordPress, Marketing and More With Kathy Zant

    Rob Cairns sits down with Kathy Zant to talk WordPress, Marketing and More.   Show Highlights:   Kathy's Internet/WordPress Journey The WordPress Community Why Kathy is using Kadence Blocks. Why Rob moved his podcast to Castos. Website Speed. ...


  4. Episode 162 What is Wrong With The VA Industry

    In this episode, Rob Cairns talks about some recent experiences in the VA iindustry and what is wrong with it.   Show Highlights: What is wrong with the VA Industry, Do Va's understand marketing? Do Va's understand PR? ...


  5. Episode 161 Talking The Blogging Survey With Andy Crestodina

    Rob Cairns sits down with Andy Crestodina and talks about Orbit Media's blogging statistics survey. The entire survey can be found by clicking here. Key Highlights: 1067 bloggers were surveyed. Bloggers report blogging drives results. Blogging takes time and effort. Frequency and consitancy matter. Visual Trends matter. Covid-19 has not changed blogging rrends. ...