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The SDM Show discusses all things Business, Marketing and WordPress. This show was formerly known as The SDM Business, Marketing and WordPress Show.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 170: Bloomex Does Marketing Right

    In this podcast, Rob Cairns talks about an online flower retailer and how they do marketing. Show Highlights: How to get new customers at a low cpa. Paying it forward in Marketing. A unique marketing experience.   ...


  2. Episode 169: Talking Business Processes With Briar Harvey

    Rob Cairns sits down with Briar Harvey about Business Processes and why they matter. Show Highlights: Why you need processes in business. How do you determine processes. How business processes can improve your productivity. ...


  3. Episode 168: Thank You Paul Lacey

    In the past 2 weeks my good friend Paul Lacey stepped back from many things he was doing in the WordPress Space. This is a very personal episode where I say thank you to Paul for what he has done for our community and what he means to me. ...


  4. Episode 167: The Page Builder Summit With Nathan Wrigley

    In this episode Rob Cairns sits down with Nathan Wrigley to talk about the page builder summitt. Show Hightlights: Why the Page Builder Summit? Lessons learned doing the summit. Preperation required to do the summit. Live vs pre recorded talks. The challenge of doing live talks. ...


  5. Episode 166: Why You Need a Podcast Host

    In this episodem Rob Cairns talks about Why You Need a Podcast Host. Show Highlights: Why You Need a Podcast Host? Bandwidth Issues If you self host. What podcast hosts do well. ...